Where have we been working?

We have been volunteering at multiple villages and shelters about 50 kilometers outside of Bangalore city. Most of our time has been spent in Muthur and Mallur, two villages outside the city of Bangalore. 

Who have we partnered with?

We have recently partnered with Amita Pai, the founder of an organization named "One Good Step". "One Good Step" is an organization similar to "Share Your Skills" in that it tries to place volunteers is underdeveloped areas in order to do service. We have partnered with them to use our work as an example of what can truly be done if one puts in the time and effort to genuinely make a change. Please make sure to check their website out and see how you can help! 

Namma Muthuru Initiative: 

​The goal of the Namma Muthuru initiative is creating a self sufficient Indian village. The village is on the outskirts of Bangalore. Learn more about the cause and how you can help here:

How was our experience?

The first school we volunteered at was Muthur middle school teaching kids that were in 5th to 8th grade. The reception was absolutely amazing because the kids realized the value of what we were teaching them and they were fully engaged. We later started teaching at a SPARSHA girls shelter near the outskirts of Bangalore. These girls were in high school and had a great response to the material we were teaching them. The girls picked up the content quickly and were soon learning more advanced moves and knife defense in order to defend themselves. In addition, we have started teaching at a middle school in the village Mallur, a short drive from Muthur. All the schools we have been to have had an extremely enthusiastic response to what we are teaching them and truly understand the value of being able to defend themselves.